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Arpana Grace Warren – Your Personal Family Lawyer for Life!

Welcome to the Heart of Estate Planning! This is a law practice devoted to a different kind of estate planning, one that is centered around matters of the heart: who and what is most important to you. We don’t just draft a set of documents for you. We help you create a working, living plan that will provide you with that most important of all assets: Peace of Mind, which is the only real wealth!

Do you know who will make important health care decisions for you if you are not able to make them for yourself? Do you know who will raise your kids if something should happen to you? And have you told that person how you’d want your kids brought up? Have you decided who will manage your finances? And even if you have chosen the above, what happens if someone you’ve chosen is unavailable?

We help you find the right solution to all the above questions; and, ultimately, we help you decide how to distribute all the wealth you have accumulated at the time of your death.

Most importantly, your plan goes beyond what is contained in a set of documents at any given time. Life continues, things change, property is bought or sold, relationships ebb and flow, babies are born, kids grow up, go to college, marry, divorce, loved ones die. And your estate plan needs to change with life’s changes. We intend to be with you to help keep those plans up to date through the many changes.

Be sure to request our free report (see left), “What To Do When Someone Dies”, and, if you like what you see here, CALL US to schedule an initial Family Wealth Planning Session with Arpana Grace Warren. This session, which lasts around 2 hours, will give you all the basic information to make an informed decision about what type and level of estate plan is right for you.You will leave that session feeling secure that you have all the information you need to protect your family in the best way possible.

The Family Wealth Planning Session is normally billed at $750.00, but this month we are able to offer a complimentary Family Wealth Planning Session to the first 3 people who call and mention that they saw it on here the website.

CALL 925-322-0108 ASAP to schedule your complimentary Family Wealth Planning Session!

It’s never too soon to make the right plan!

You can learn more about the documents we recommend for most estate plans and the process we go through with clients by exploring this website.

And please remember that nothing on this site is intended to give legal advice. It’s important to speak with a qualified attorney to get advice about your own unique situation.